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Did God have breasts?

In medieval times, the followers (or alleged followers) of the goddess Diana were greatly feared as witches. It was believed that they could cast curses upon men, change themselves into animals, and fly. They were believed to be in league … Continue reading

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Aphrodite documentary in the works

This is the trailer for a very interesting documentary project on Aphrodite in her original homeland on the island of Cyprus:

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I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree. —Joyce Kilmer What is it about trees, anyway?  To walk through a grove of them is almost to sense the presence of a Goddess around you.  … Continue reading

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Black is Beautiful: A Black Madonna gallery

Who are they? The Black Madonnas are ostensibly medieval images of the Christian Mother of God, often with her child, the incarnate God Jesus, in which she is depicted as black.  Mary is so typically presented throughout medieval Europe as … Continue reading

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World’s oldest song

The oldest known song (written with both words and musical notation) comes from the remains of the ancient city of Ugarit in Syria. It was written about 1400 BC  and  is one of two hymns to the goddess Nikkal and … Continue reading

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Virgin of Guadalupe, Spain

Since writing my previous post on Mary in the Americas, it has come to my attention that yet another possible source for Our Lady of Guadalupe (besides religious vision and Aztec mythology) is a Black Madonna in the town of … Continue reading

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An American Goddess: Mary in the New World

Every Christmas Eve at the Taos Pueblo in New Mexico, the residents of the oldest town in America bring out an old, old statue of the Virgin Mary and give her a procession through an eager crowd.  This representation of … Continue reading

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